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Intermed & Adv Drawing (2022/23)

Grades 7 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2022-08-11 to 2023-05-11
Tuition: $350 / Annual
Supplies: $50
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About the Course
Intermed & Adv Drawing (2022/23)

Study in realistic drawing. Emphasis on the development of observational skills for realistic depiction in a variety of media. Instruction in figure and portrait drawing with study of human proportions, as well as studies in form, reflection, perspective, and texture. Projects include drawing from life, landscape drawings, monochromatic paintings, introduction to illustration, and directed drawing studies. Some drawing experience and interest preferred. All supplies provided. 

As a final project students will complete a miniseries of at least three drawings with the subject of their choice, aimed at communicating an idea to the viewer. Students will write a brief artist's statment to accompany and expound their miniseries. 


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About Kellen

Kellen Peck has a Masters of Divinity from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and a B.A. from Asbury University where she studied Biblical languages and Art. She has ten years of experience teaching art to children and in addition to teaching classes at Cornerstone, she offers summer art camps and private drawing and painting lessons. She lives in Louisville with her husband, Amos, and their three young children.

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