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Conversational Spanish 2/3

Grades 8 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2023-08-17 to 2024-05-16
Tuition: $250 / Annual
Supplies: $15
Expectations and Homework
Homework should take about thirty minutes daily. Typical assignments include reading stories (with comprehension questions), listening to stories and music, short writing assignments, and cultural research projects. Students will also have regular oral quizzes.
New incoming students will need a placement test. This course is designed for students who are already familiar with the present, preterite and imperfect tenses. In general, that means having completed a traditional Spanish 2 class.
Class Supplies Needed
For class: 3 ring binder, paper, pencil, small whiteboard with marker and eraser; For homework: students need to have internet access (enough to stream short videos) and access to a Bible app on a cell phone or tablet
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About the Course
Conversational Spanish 2/3

The primary emphasis of this course is using high-frequency Spanish vocabulary in oral communication (listening and speaking). However, students will also be given assignments that will hone their reading and writing skills.  Vocabulary is taught in context through stories and conversations. 

This class can be taken for Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 credit (with differentiated assignment expectations). For less experienced students, I will ask less difficult questions and expect less skillful replies.  For more experienced students, I will push them to excel with more sophisticated questions and expect more skillful replies. During the year, I will maintain a careful grading record that will be available to the parent.  At the end of the year, I will assess each student according to state guidelines, and be able to provide a grade for completing Spanish 2 or Spanish 3 depending upon the achievement the student has attained. 

No textbook is required for this class. Students are responsible for printing reference pages and assignment pages throughout the year.  Returning students should keep the previous year's reference pages.  New students will need to print off the previous year's reference pages. The class supply fee covers access to an online reading program.



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About Miriam

My name is Miriam Christy. My husband Steve and I have three children: Mark, Sarah and Grace. I have a degree in high school education, and I truly love to teach! I lived in Costa Rica for three years and then my family and I served as missionaries in Peru for ten years. When we returned to the United States six years ago I began teaching Spanish to groups of homeschoolers. I am looking forward to helping each of YOU improve your Spanish skills this school year as well, and my prayer is that you will use your Spanish to share the love of Christ!

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