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Western Civ

Grades 8 - 10
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2022-08-23 to 2023-04-04
Tuition: $325 / Annual
Supplies: $0
Expectations and Homework
Homework is reading and answering questions or writing essay paragraphs. Students should come to class with completed homework ready to discuss reading material. Quarterly tests taken at home.
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About the Course
Western Civ

Western civilizatiion has enjoyed unprecedented freedom. Why? Students will trace the path of freedom through the histories of ancient Israel, Greece, Rome, early Europe (especially Great Britain), the development of the English language, the Reformation, Renaissance and the founding of America. We will, then, examine current events as they relate to the dismantling of the foundations of freedom. Students will gain knowledge of European history and the roots of America's founding.


The Celts of Northern Europe; Kathryn Hinds

King Alfred's English; Laurie J. White; www.theshorterword.com; 978-0980187717

The World's Story 1; Masterbooks; 13: 978-1-683440772

Never Before in History, Amos and Gardiner; 0964210428

Map Trek Outlines (Student Activities) 9781683443124

Let Me Die in Ireland; David W. Bercot; 092-4722-088

Trial and Triumph, Richard Hannula; 9781885767547

Assumptions That Affect Our Lives; How Worldviews Determine Values That Influence Behavior and Shape Culture; Dr. Christian Overman; *7th edition



*Teacher's fee reduced to help with cost of books

This class counts for 2 high school credits.











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About Monica

I have been involved in the homeschool community for over 30 years. I homeschooled seven children, and now help with the education of several of my eighteen grandchildren. I enjoy teaching history and geography, especially to Jr. high and high school students. I taught World History at Cornerstone several years ago when my children were involved, and I have taught World Geography, World History and Speech at Heritage Family Educators Coop.

I earned a BS in Health Services Administration at Eastern Kentucky University. After college, I worked at Norton Hospital as Assistant Director of the Medical Record Department. In addition to supervising staff, I developed educational programs for the department and taught classes in medical terminology and anatomy to hospital employees.

In my free time I read history books for fun! I also enjoy writing Bible studies and have written four Bible studies for women.

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