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Grades 8 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-15 to 2025-05-15
Tuition: $270 / Annual
Supplies: $0
Expectations and Homework
The course format will be discussion based, and students are encouraged and welcomed to participate. Homework will consist of roughly one hour of work outside of class. There will be (light) note taking and in class worksheets to complete. Please make sure to bring pencils, notebooks, and folders for handouts/homework. Students are encouraged to bring their Bibles. Additional Bibles WILL be provided in class, in case your student needs one.
Class Supplies Needed
Pencils, Notebooks, Folders for Handouts/Homework
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About the Course

This course is an introduction to Christian Apologetics.  The goal is for students to learn the biblical definition and basis of Christian apologetics, as well as the biblical, historical, and theological foundations to the Christian worldview. We will cover the historic and contemporary questions and "challenges" to Christianity and the Bible.  By course end, students will be better equipped with the analytical and biblical tools to accurately and confidently engage culture as it relates to matters of faith, and feel strengthened in their own faith.

Grading will be optional - please let me know if your student requires a grade.

There will be weekly homework, please expect about an hour of work outside of class. 

We will be using the following textbooks: Understanding the Times: A Comparative Worldview and Apologetics Curriculum by David Noebel and Thinking Like a Christian: Understanding and Living a Biblical Worldview by David Noebel and Chuck Edwards.  You are more than welcome to purchase the textbooks, HOWEVER, this is not a requirement, as I will be covering the material in class.

These books (student manuals) can be found on Amazon, Abebooks, and Thrift books. 

Course Outline/Syllabus: Will be provided via email closer to class start date.

I pray that your student will enjoy this class!  My goal is to create a stress free, friendly, and welcoming learning environment, where students are comfortable to be themselves and interact with the group.    


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About Bradley

I will be teaching the Upper School Apologetics class.

I am very excited about this opportunity! My wife and I have been homeschooling our three children (ages 7, 11, 14) for six years. It has been a joy and a privilege to do so, and we have been blessed to watch them grow and mature in their educational experiences. My children also attend Cornerstone Classical, and are completing their GREAT first year.

I received a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Boyce College, and a degree in History from Indiana University. I have served in various preaching and teaching church pastoral positions for about 20 years, working primarily with children and young adults. I was ordained as a Christian minister in 2019. I have also worked as an educator and tour guide with Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, VA, and as an educational volunteer with the National Park Service in both Vincennes, Indiana and Richmond, Virginia. I currently work at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY, in the guest services and education department, where I assist with the leading of historical tours and educational programs.

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