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Dual Credit Intro to Psych Oct-Dec

Grades 10 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Alternate Schedule
Dates: 2024-10-15 to 2024-12-10
Tuition: $395 / Semester
Supplies: $175
Expectations and Homework
The $175 supply fee is a one-time per semester technology fee to SEU, so, if your student is enrolled in two (or more) dual credit classes, the fee is required only once per semester. There is a one-time only fee of $50 to Christian Halls for acceptance into the dual credit program. Students must come to class prepared to discuss what they are learning with the instructor and peers. As a college level class, homework is estimated to be five to seven hours per week.
Student must be registered at Southeastern University through Christian Halls
Class Supplies Needed
Binder with pockets, loose leaf paper (not a spiral notebook), pencils/pens
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About the Course
Dual Credit Intro to Psych Oct-Dec

This course is Southeastern University's PSYC 1133 - INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY

An 8-week intensive introduction to the field of psychology, with special emphasis on the more applied areas of psychology. Topics addressed include perception, intelligence, learning, personality, and social behavior. This class is offered by Southeastern University through Christian Halls International. SEU credits - 3.  

This course will start on October 15 and end on December 10, 2024. Students take the class online and then meet for one hour each week at Cornerstone to check student work and have class discussions. Students submit coursework through the SEU online portal. Students must be accepted to both Christian Halls and SEU. Because this is a dual credit class which is completed in only 8 weeks, the time commitment for the course is heavier. Plan to dedicate 7-8 hours per week to classwork. 

The cost is $395 for the course. Additionally there is a one-time fee of $50 to be accepted into Christian Halls and a $175 technology fee per semester. If a student takes more than one dual credit course, he/she is only charged the technology fee one time.

No text is required - an open resource is available online through SEU partnering with CourseHero.

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About Staci

I have been privileged to teach with Cornerstone since 2016. I love English and excelled in my English studies through college. I currently teach 9th grade Composition and Literature Analysis, and as needed, upper school Economics, Business Math, Survey of Economic Systems (Capitalism v. Socialism from a Christian Worldview), and starting in 2024, I am thrilled to mentor a dual credit Intro to Psychology class through Southeastern University.

I have 4 children and 3 grandchildren. I was baptized when I was 23 years old at a church of Christ in Jackson, TN. I am currently a member at Southeast Christian church and attend the Indiana campus, where I soak up love and learning on Sunday mornings, and enjoy working in the cafe with the Middle School Ministry.

I earned my BSBA in Business Administration- concentrating in Economics, with a minor in Psychology - from Union University in Jackson, TN in 1994; I was honored to receive the 1994 Award for Academic Excellence in Economics and Finance. I then taught adults in a Business School. Later, I worked for 7 years in the automotive industry, where I became ASQ certified as a Quality Engineer, where auditing, and training, and leading systematic team problem-solving using graphical analysis and statistics were daily tasks.

I think teaching is fun, and my goal is that your child's time in my class is efficient - that they feel accomplished, make thousands of neural connections, and remember a lot!

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