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5-6 Science/History - 10:30am

Grades 5 - 6
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Course Schedule
Class Follows K-6 Annual Schedule
Dates: 2023-08-22 to 2024-04-02
Tuition: $140 / Annual
Supplies: $20
Expectations and Homework
Homework is optional at the elementary level In science, I encourage students to pre-read the unit before the class. In history, It is highly beneficial for the student to listen, sing and sign to the CC Timeline Song a few times a week at home, so that the student becomes more familiar with it as we move along learning the words and signs to it. We will learn about 5 events/signs a week.
Class Supplies Needed
current science book, pencil, notebook paper (loose or bound in notebook), a folder with pockets, crayons or colored pencils, occasionally scissors and a glue stick. Optional: CC History cards (Medieval)
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About the Course
5-6 Science/History - 10:30am

Hello! I am so glad you are interested in this class.

The 5th/6th grade Science/History class is 90 minutes long. 


The science portion of the class lasts 60 minutes. The focus of this class will be hands-on science activities and labs, demonstrations, interactive lecture and discussion, and may also include memory work/songs, games and worksheets.  We will typically cover one unit per class, which includes several lessons. 


Answers In Genesis God's Design 4 books: 

Our Planet Earth (From the Heaven & Earth MasterBooks)

Properties of Matter (From the Chemistry & Ecology MB)

 Machines in Motion (From the Physical World MB)

 World of Animals (From the Life MB)

These books are optional to purchase, however, it is highly recommended students purchase these books. If you have a young student who will be in elementary science for 3-4 years, you may consider purchasing the entire 4-book MasterBooks set from God's Design Science, because in 3 years, we will have taught all 12 of the books (there are 3 books within each Master Book). In order to cover a variety of science topics, each year we teach 4 books pulled from each set of large books. The books are available here at the main website: 


Click on the above link, scroll down to each book set and click on "buy individually"

or https://www.christianbook.com/gods-design-for-the-physical-world/debbie-lawrence/9781683441311/pd/441316?event=Homeschool%7C1004656

You do not need the teacher’s guides.  Also, look carefully to purchase the books I'm showing above (grades 3-8) and not the "for beginners" edition (K-2).

The books are truly valuable because students benefit best by reading the assigned unit before coming to class. Students that read the lessons before our class lecture are able to follow along better and answer more questions. They absorb the content better and for much longer, even recalling facts for months after.


The history portion of the class lasts 30 minutes.  This will include memory work/songs, the use of maps and lecture/discussion over some of the history events listed in the cards.

Curriculum: Classical Conversations History Cards THE MEDIEVAL WORLD period

It is optional to purchase the CC History cards.  These cards are part of a 4-time period set and are available to purchase here:  https://classicalconversationsbooks.com/products/fs047

Or on Christian book https://www.christianbook.com/classical-facts-history-cards-medieval-world/9780972719759/pd/719759?event=ESRCG

Classical Conversations History Timeline songThe History Timeline song can be purchased and downloaded but can also be found online for free. I will provide that to parents on the first day of school.  I encourage the students to listen to it frequently during the week to help with memorization.  We will sing it each time in class.  

To explain the history part of our class a little better,  we focus on the accumulation of concrete information in the early grades through repetition and memorization. History is first taught by requiring students to learn ESSENTIAL FACTS regarding certain historical events and people from around the world in a chronological sequence.


Memorizing in this way helps students grasp key events in relation to one another through history. Much like a wooden framework for a house is essential

for strength and support before adding on the insulation, drywall, roofing, etc,  once students have mastered the key events, they have a FRAMEWORK with which to associate other historical information they learn.

In our class, after singing and practicing the History Timeline Song,  we usually have a discussion over 1 or 2 events from the CC history cards we are currently covering that week.


The cost for each class will be $140 for the year, plus a $20 lab fee, the final balance of which will be payable to the teacher, Jacie Brengman, on the first day of class.  This class will be enjoyable, educational and allow the students an opportunity to use their hands and minds.

I will send a weekly email to summarize what we covered and what to read for the next week.  

 I try to do an oral review/quiz day on the last class before Thanksgiving break, and again in the spring in the last week or so of school.





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About Jacie

Hello! I feel incredibly blessed for the opportunity to teach your child elementary Science/History for 5th and 6th grades. This will be my 5th year teaching this class at Cornerstone Classical Educators, and I absolutely love it! In our class, we learn about engaging and fascinating topics in science & history, all while giving glory to God our Creator.
My husband and I have home educated our 3 children for 13 years, and they currently all take classes at Cornerstone. In 2001 I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Occupational Therapy from Indiana University. I have worked as an occupational therapist in different settings with both children and adults for 15 years. In the past I have taught in various environments such as preschool therapy groups, elementary-age Sunday School, middle school age cooking classes, marriage prep classes & Vacation Bible School at our church. Currently our oldest is a First Sergeant in Civil Air Patrol, our son is at the First Class level in Boy Scouts and our youngest is a Pioneer in American Heritage Girls. I am an assistant leader in her unit. Our family enjoys singing, hiking, traveling and watching Jeopardy and our 6 year old cat, Chevy.

I delight in learning new things along with my children, one of the great perks of homeschooling. Seeing the magic of learning happening though the eyes of students is a great joy for me. Thank you for considering placing your child in my class. I feel truly blessed to be able to teach them, & I am looking forward to tutoring this class again for the 2024-2025 year at Cornerstone Classical Educators!

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