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5-7 STEM Project-based learning

Grades 5 - 7
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Course Schedule
Class Follows K-6 Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-27 to 2024-11-19
Tuition: $250 / Annual
Supplies: $25
Expectations and Homework
Some challenges will be completed individually and there will be opportunities for partner pairs or small group work as well. Discussion in class will play an important part in the learning process - both participating with student's own thoughts and listening to other engineers talk about their work. We will create engineering notebooks/folders throughout the year. These folders will go home each week with tasks to complete before the next session and must come to class each week as well. Homework may involve sketching a diagram, listing materials needed, explaining how or why a project worked (or failed), etc. If your engineer is not yet writing fluently, please discuss the work with him or her - the conversation about our challenges is more important to your child than the writing of answers in engineer notebooks and should NOT hold anyone back from registering for this class. I will send a summary email to families after each class describing the work we've done in class and outlining the homework that needs to be completed for the next week. Homework will take up to 30 minutes.
Class Supplies Needed
I will supply all needed materials.
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About the Course
5-7 STEM Project-based learning

In this full-year class, we will integrate science, technology, engineering, and math to solve some fun problems.
We will begin the semester by discussing the Engineering Design Process - the steps engineers follow to find a solution to a problem - and then we will implement that process through a variety of projects. We will be hands-on every week and creativity and collaboration will be necessary as we work to find the best way to help wildlife cross the highway, build the tallest tower or strongest bridge, or maybe make a water bottle flip onto a target. These are some of the potential challenges you will find in this class.
Please do not register for this class if your child is under 5th grade. If you would like me to consider a special circumstance, please contact me before registering.


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About Allison

Hello! I'm so happy to be returning with the teaching staff at Cornerstone this year.
Our family has been homeschooling for 7 years. Before staying home with our children, I was a kindergarten teacher for almost 10 years and in addition to teaching some of the youngest students in the school, I loved presenting professional development seminars in technology and literacy. In addition, I spent many summers teaching summer school enrichment courses, with hands-on science being some of my favorite classes. I have also taught classes in two other homeschool organizations in Kentuckiana in recent years.
I graduated from the University of Minnesota where I majored in Business, Communications, and Spanish, and the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where I majored in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Development, and then obtained my National Board Certification in Elementary/Early Childhood teaching and leading.
Currently, our family lives in Clarksville and enjoys spending time gardening, biking, hiking, exploring the parks and nature preserves around us, and reading as much as we can - you'll always find me with a book or two in my bag. :)
I am looking forward to seeing everyone this fall!

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