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Grades 5 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-29 to 2025-04-10
Tuition: $100 / Semester
Supplies: $0
Class Supplies Needed
Chess sets will be provided
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About the Course

This class will introduce the fundamentals and basic strategies for students interested in playing Chess. 

Each class will begin with learning the history of Chess.  Next, we will discuss the rules for playing, learn common tactical strategies, solve Chess puzzles, and eventually learn classic and modern openings and defensive blocks.  Then, students will have an opportunity to play their peers, matched appropriately upon age and experience.  Good sportsmanship will be prioritized above ability.

Students will compete in timed tournaments throughout this course.  This class needs a minimum enrollment of 10 students (for 5 groups) in order to make tournament play fun and challenging.  


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About JoAnna

I am excited to teach 3rd & 4th grade Grammar and Writing! I think students will enjoy the layout of this course, and the information learned will provide solid foundations for future coursework.

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from IU Southeast in 2002. Upon graduation, I took a position with IU Southeast as an Admissions Counselor/Coordinator of HS Recruitment for eight years, and then transferred to Academic Affairs, working as a Resource Specialist for another three years. When my oldest daughter began to approach Kindergarten, my husband and I decided I should step out of the full-time work force so we could homeschool. We love the journey of homeschooling, and deeply appreciate its blessings.

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