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Dual Credit: English Composition 1

Grades 10 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Fall Only Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-13 to 2024-12-10
Tuition: $395 / Semester
Supplies: $175
Expectations and Homework
Students must come to class prepared to discuss what they are learning with the instructor and peers. They must also have homework completed to a "rough draft" stage, so that it can be reviewed by other students. As a college level class, homework is estimated to be three to five hours per week.
must be admitted to the Christian Hall and SouthEastern University
Class Supplies Needed
Specified workbooks, 3 ring binder, loose leaf paper, pen/pencils
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About the Course
Dual Credit: English Composition 1

This 16 week dual credit course will be offered by SouthEastern University through Christian Halls.  Students will complete course work by following IEW's Level C: Year 1 video course led by Andrew Pudewa.  English Comp 1 will cover the first several units of this book; English Comp 2 will complete the curriculum. Students will have class online, and we will meet for one hour each week at Cornerstone to check in on students' work, mock grade student papers, and hold class discussion.  Students will submit coursework through the SEU online portal.  Students must be accepted to both the Christian Hall as well as SEU.  

The cost of this dual credit course is $395/semester.  Additonally, there is a one time fee of $50 to be accepted into the Christian Hall and $175 technology fee per semester.  If a student takes more than one dual credit course, he is only charged the technology fee one time.

For more information please contact.

Minimum students required: 3



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About Heather

This fall I will be teaching 7/8 writing, Biology, and dual credit English Composition 1&2.

After many years as a homeschooling mom, I started teaching at Cornerstone two years ago. I enjoy it immensely! As nerdy as it sounds, I love to learn! What an amazing blessing from God to be able to study the world around us and learn more about Him.
I attended Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana where I earned a Bachelor's degree in Science Education in 2008. Amazingly, I taught only one year in a public school before I had the blessing of staying home with my oldest daughter. I re-started my formal education two summers ago when I took an online course and became registered as an IEW instructor.
With God's help, I am finishing my 10th year of homeschooling my three daughters. Living and learning with my husband and our daughters in the countryside of southern Indiana is one of the greatest blessings of my life. When I'm not teaching or homeschooling, I enjoy baking, cooking, gardening, and reading. I am looking forward to the honor of teaching new classes and new students in the fall of 2024!

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