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5/6 Language Arts

Grades 5 - 6
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Course Schedule
Class Follows K-6 Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-27 to 2025-05-08
Tuition: $175 / Annual
Supplies: $0
Expectations and Homework
Expect that an average student will spend 1.5 hours per week outside of class on homework. As an elementary class, grades will not be issued by the instructor. Because feedback is vital to education, the instructor will provide feedback on writing assignments. Parents will be expected to "grade" grammar assignments and provide students with feedback. Any additional questions about grammar can be addressed in class. It is not necessary for a student to have access to or use a computer, but typed assignments, according to the IEW recommended modified MLA format will certainly be accepted. Parents can expect weekly communication in the form of a handout and/or email. The letter will include assignments and other communications. It allows the parent to hold the student accountable for assigned work and provides an opportunity for communication between the instructor and the parents. For one particular assignment, the student will need to find two additional sources in order to complete his or her research. That might include a book from the library and/or a website source.
can read independently on an age appropriate level; can write, type, or dictate assignments; a knowledge of the parts of speech (i.e. subject noun, action verb, conjunction..) would be very helpful.
Class Supplies Needed
writing utensil, lined paper, dedicated folder for this class to be used for homework and weekly correspondance with parents
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About the Course
5/6 Language Arts

Class Description:

  • Writing instruction will include: making key word outlines, writing from outlines, retelling narratives, report writing from one source, report writing from multiple sources, writing from pictures, and five-paragraph compositions  

  • Grammar instruction will include: comma splits; using commas in a series; using commas with two adjectives;  using commas with compound sentences;  using commas with introductory elements;  using commas with interrupters; using commas in names, dates, and places; direct quotes,...

  • Vocabulary weekly vocabulary words will be assigned along with periodic vocabulary tests

  • Speaking instruction and opportunities will be given regularly. 

  • Reading/Literature will not be addressed directly in class. Below is a list of suggested options that pertain to the subject of inventions and/or science.

  • Spelling will not be directly addressed in class. 

Required Materials:

  • Analytical Grammar 2: Mechanics

    • Student Worktext

    • Instructor Handbook

  • Wonders of Science Writing Lessons (IEW) 

    • Student Book

    • Teacher’s Manual (highly recommended, but not necessary)

Supplies Needed:

    • Dedicated folder for this class

    • Lined notebook paper

    • Writing utensil

    • Quizlet or notecards to make vocabulary flashcards

Optional Literature:

    • Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham & Mary R. Walsh

      • p. 256

      • Recommended for grades 7-9

    • The Story of the Wright Brothers: A Biography Book for New Readers  by Annette Whipple 

      • p. 66

      • Recommended for grades 3-4

    • A World of Knowing by Andy Russel Bowen 

      • p. 64

      • Recommended ages 9-14

    • Along Came Galileo by Jeanne Bendick

      • p. 95



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About Crystal

Crystal Syring has been married for 22 years, has 4 children, and attends Floyds Knobs Baptist Church. With a Master of Science in Communication Disorders and a minor in Education from Central Missouri State University, she has had the opportunity to teach in various capacities for 25 years. Some of these include the public school system, First Steps, homeschooling, homeschool cooperatives, and/or at church. Some of the academic classes she has taught include: reading readiness, reading, remedial reading, Language Arts, Health & Fitness, and Physical Education. She enjoys equipping students with skills and confidence that will aid them in their educational pursuits as well as bring a richer enjoyment to their lives. Developing reading skills is a particular passion for her, primarily because it opens the door for students to read God's Word. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, reading, theology, and lively discussions.

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