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Beginning Dance 2-5

Grades 2 - 5
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Course Schedule
Class Follows K-6 Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-27 to 2025-04-08
Tuition: $120 / Annual
Supplies: $0
Expectations and Homework
Students will be expected to practice choreography for the dance(s) they learn to perform at the end of the school year.
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About the Course
Beginning Dance 2-5

Beginning Dance is a foundational class, focused on the core principles of dance. Students will learn warm-ups, ballet technique, proper posture, and movement with grace. As students develop these skills, they will be incorporated into dances that will be performed for Cornerstone at the end of the year. 

This class is an hour long, costs $120 for the whole year, and follows the K-6 schedule. Stay tuned for information regarding dress code.

Dance teaches balance, grace, strength, confidence, and intentionality to students. It also helps with developing mental skills such as discipline, memorization, and with relational skills as students learn teamwork.


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About Christina

Christina is excited for the opportunity to continue teaching at Cornerstone Classical School! She graduated from Boyce College with an Associate Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies in 2022 and graduates in May 2024 from Liberty University Online with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Writing: Christian Literature. She has taught a variety of classes at Cornerstone for the last seven years. She attended Weber School of Dance in Jeffersonville for eight years where she studied ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and lyrical dance. At Weber, she also served as an assistant instructor. Along with this, Christina has partnered with Elevate Dance Ministry as an assistant instructor for a dance outreach at Hope Place in Louisville, Kentucky. Besides her love for dance, she also has a passion for creative writing, having studied at Cornerstone for five years and now further in college. In the spring of 2021, she was blessed to win the Home For His Glory Young Authors Contest.

In her free time, Christina enjoys wandering the outdoors (as long as there are no snakes:), reading good books, doodling characters, writing stories and songs, and choreographing dances.

Christina is looking forward to showing others how to glorify God and share his love through literature and the arts!

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