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Self Defense

Grades 7 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2024-08-15 to 2025-05-15
Tuition: $270 / Annual
Supplies: $15
Expectations and Homework
Training outside of class is not required but is encouraged, as it helps improve muscle memory. This course is a Pass/Fail. Some of the movements will be challenging but not impossible. I expect everyone to try every movement shown each week, and I will help everyone through the movements if they need me to.
Class Supplies Needed
Students will need a water bottle and to wear clothes that allow full range of movement.
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About the Course
Self Defense

This class will teach basic self-defense and offense movements and skills (i.e., self-protection). I will always stress the importance of SAFETY FIRST, being aware of their personal space at all times, and how we never want to have to engage in a fight if at all possible. Some of the movements your students will learn include learning to fall safely, forward/backward rolling, simple grip breaks, basic take-downs (easy falls), strangles, and their escapes. We will move quickly through movements, so regular attendance is key to learning. Self-defense is only as good as the muscle memory bank and requires continuous drilling of movements to increase the currency. After week one, the first 5-10 minutes of each class will be review from the previous week, as many movements work sequentially, and if any of your students decide to train more often at any of the academies in the area, they will be familiar with many of the fundamental skills. I can provide a video via email the week before classes begin of most of the movements we will learn in the first semester, but as time and skill levels allow, I will add more movements. These movements are more ground-based (grappling) and include very close interactions with a partner. Boys will partner with boys, and girls will partner with girls. However, if the class does not have enough boys/girls for partnering that day, I will review individual movements or introduce a new movement depending on skill level.


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About Deniesha

I am a mom of three, and I homeschool my youngest two. We have been homeschooling since August 2020. My education is in Psychology, and I am pursuing my master's degree in Social Work. I have worked with children most of my life but formally was a developmental specialist at Community Montessori for three years before staying home with my children to homeschool and continue my education. I have worked with every age group and love watching children develop and change.

I work at the YMCA Kids Club, where I can bring my children, and they can help with the littles. I also work as a site captain at the White Flag homeless shelter when it is open during the cold months. I am in my third season with the shelter.

I am a newly promoted Brazilian jiujitsu brown belt. I have trained under Jason Dempster at Southern Indiana Martial Arts for over nine years. I am our women’s instructor, and I am a co-instructor for our kids’ jiujitsu classes. I have been teaching at our gym for about six years. I enjoy sharing what I have learned over the years with young people. I believe everyone should learn self-protection skills, as they not only allow one to keep oneself safe for longer in an unsafe situation, but the confidence and self-awareness that a person gains from building these skills are invaluable.

Otherwise, my family and I like going for walks (especially on the Big Four Bridge) and frequenting the area parks. We hope to do more traveling soon. We also enjoy family Bible studies and movie nights. My husband and I are beginning ministerial work and will be doing more work to get our electrical LLC off and running very soon.

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